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LOS ANGELES, CA, July 01, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The ‘2022 Rehabilitation & Care Korea (hereinafter referred to as RECARE 2022)’ exhibition, which gathered and exhibited the latest domestic and foreign rehabilitation technologies, welfare products, and services, was held on June 24 at KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1 in Ilsan.

RECARE 2022, hosted by Messe K, was held for three days until the 26th (Sun) and was planned with the goal of strengthening the competitiveness of the rehabilitation and welfare industry within the medical system by expanding business opportunities for Korean companies.

During the exhibition, rehabilitation medical devices (rehabilitation training devices) that incorporated smart technology showcasing convergence technologies, smart technologies, functional robot technologies, software wearable robots for daily assistance, VR/AR-based rehabilitation solutions, orthopedic medical devices and pharmaceutical devices, were on display.

In addition, welfare products and services for children, teenagers, the elderly, and the disabled, that aided with mobility and walking-related devices were exhibited, such as electric wheelchairs, electric beds, and mobile bath facilities, hearing aids and equipment, inspection and measurement equipment, and silver care services, as well as wheelchair multifunctional bags, shoes, diapers for the disabled, and clothing (bodysuits) for the disabled.

In order to spread the promotion of exports for Korean companies, a special business conference was held at RECARE 2022. In addition to the KOTRA online export conference, VIPs from Africa were specially invited to RECARE 2022 and visited Korea to see various products from Korean companies to expand business opportunities for various businesses.

Major overseas VIPs include Kenyan and Uganda government officials (Ministry of Health, Chamber of Commerce, Capital Market Supervisory Authority) and hospital officials (Kenya Reale Hospital and Clinics, Nakuru West Health Clinic, the largest hospital in Nakuru, Kenya, Uganda Uro Care Hospital, medical school chairman, and medical equipment suppliers) were in attendance. They visited Korea to see and discuss medical equipment, surgical equipment, and rehabilitation equipment during the RECARE exhibition, with the purpose of introducing Korea’s health care system along with expanding business opportunities for health care businesses.

Meanwhile, the special VIP invitations were sponsored by Goyang Convention and Visitors Bureau to host MICE.

Professional seminars by 14 specialized institutions were presented simultaneously during the exhibition, as an opportunity to watch at the latest trends in the rehabilitation and welfare industry.

As a major seminar, the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine and the Korea Medical and Biotechnology Journalists Association examined whether rehabilitation treatment was properly being provided to patients in need of rehabilitation after the first rehabilitation medical institution project was implemented, which will soon be in its third year of operation, and an general meeting and a policy seminar will be held to discuss the present and future of the rehabilitation medical institution system, in order to suggest how to improve the system for a future with an aged society.

In addition, the main products of participating companies were introduced in both English and Korean through a live broadcast. After the exhibition ended, edited video content was produced for each participating company and posted on the exhibition’s official YouTube channel to help exhibitors.

In addition, under the slogan of ‘Let’s Be Health Again!’, various events such as the ‘National Fitness 100, Fitness King Contest,’ ‘Sports Rehabilitation Day Class,’ and ‘Job Counseling for the Disabled’ was held so that all disabled and non-disabled people could lead a healthy lifestyle through rehabilitation and welfare services.

On the other hand, ‘RECARE 2022’, held under the slogan of ‘Let’s Be Health Again!’, is the largest exhibition that provides an integrated domestic and foreign business platform for the rehabilitation and welfare field. Equipment & Device, Rehabilitation & Treatment, Facility & System, Welfare & Service related items were on display, and the special pavilion consisted of Smart Rehabilitation Equipment, Age-friendly Equipment, Child & Teenager Rehabilitation and Welfare, Sports Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Equipment for the Disabled.

Conferences were also held on various topics for the development of the rehabilitation and welfare industry.

Rehabilitation & Care Korea 2022(recare 2022) live

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