2022-09-23 22:35:05 By : Mr. Calvin Ye

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — A Hamilton County judge heard arguments Thursday over whether an adult baby-themed store can reopen, while it appeals the Noblesville city government’s decision that the store violated its zoning ordinance.

My Inner Baby closed on Aug. 10, after the Noblesville Board of Zoning Appeals decided the store violated its “light industrial” zoning status by selling sex toys.

Ryan Polokoff, owner of My Inner Baby, says he sells onesies, pacifiers, bottles and adult diapers.

“We’re providing predominately incontinence supplies. It is a little different. It is a lot more absorbent,” Polokoff said.

Polokoff adds that while some of his customers use his products for role playing, others purchase them for medical needs, including the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.

The Noblesville city government claims My Inner Baby markets its products under the hashtag “Adult Baby and Diaper Life,” encouraging people to use them in a sexual manner. Polokoff says his store is not a sex shop.

“The city has determined that somehow we are selling our items to stimulate human genital organs, but they ignore the fact that, under their argument, so does Victoria Secret,” Polokoff said.

An attorney representing the Noblesville city government asked Judge Paul Felix to vacate My Inner Baby’s request for a hearing. The judge gave My Inner Baby’s attorney a week to respond.

Polokoff believes the city is signaling him out.

“The city has determined that we don’t fit the morals of the city. They proved that by way of when they killed construction for another one of my businesses.”

News 8 reached out to the city government for comment on Thursday.

“The City maintains its position that the business was not operating as a permitted use under Noblesville’s ordinances. Our outside counsel made legal arguments today (Thursday) in support of that position and the decision of the Board of Zoning Appeals.”

Emily Gaylord, spokesperson for Noblesville city government

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