Nursery Must Haves That Make Everything a Little Bit Easier | POPSUGAR Family

2022-03-24 03:14:56 By : Mr. Bob Yu

When I was pregnant with my first baby, my husband and I were living in a one-bedroom apartment outside New York City, so a nursery was a luxury we couldn't afford. My son had a "nursery corner" in our bedroom where we were able to tuck in his crib, a few hooks, and a little changing table. Since then, we were a part of the mass exodus to the suburbs during the pandemic, and we have big plans for our four-bedroom house, including a fully equipped nursery for our second baby due this summer. Since this is my second time around, I know what items I wish I'd had last time and which items I had that made my life as a new mom easier. Here's a roundup of everything I plan on repurposing or purchasing with baby number two.

The quintessential thing that was missing from my last newborn experience, which I'm really looking forward to this time around, is a rocking chair ($549). I nursed from either my bed or my couch, so I'm excited for a dedicated (and comfortable) spot for feedings and pumpings.

This may seem obvious, but the most underrated things you'll need in your nursery are extra diapers. My go-to for newborns is always and forever Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Diapers ($10), because they're so absorbent and gentle on a baby's skin. That said, I like to keep an extra supply of Pampers Pure Diapers ($30) in case my little one is experiencing a diaper rash and another box of Pampers Cruisers 360 Disposable Diapers ($42) for that moment they wake up on the go.

I loved this Keekaroo Peanut Changer ($130) because it makes cleaning up after diaper changes so much easier. Just keep a pack of disinfectant wipes handy, and you'll be able to wipe up any mess or, shall we say . . . smears, in a flash.

This Hatch Rest+ ($90) is a worthy investment because it pulls double duty. We didn't get it until my oldest was 18 months, and I wish we'd had it during those middle-of-the-night feeding sessions from the beginning. I plan on using it to gently light the room during feedings, and I like that I can control it from my phone, making it super convenient to operate in the middle of the night.

This may seem like an odd thing to have stashed in your nursery, but I've never experienced a sweet tooth like the one I had while breastfeeding my first baby. People always ask about pregnancy cravings (I had none), but no one talks about the cravings you may have while nursing! I always had to have a few cookies on hand with a big jug of water, so I'll be keeping some Oreo Original Chocolate Sandwich Cookies ($4) in my baby's room for those late-night snack sessions.

Here's a hot tip: don't bother hanging onesies. It's literally such a waste of closet space and time. Instead, use these cloth storage boxes ($33) to organize inside your baby's dresser. One for onesies, one for bibs, one for socks . . . you get the idea.

No matter how cute that newborn outfit is, trust me when I say, those buttons aren't worth it! I learned my lesson the last time and plan on investing in more of these zip-up one-pieces ($16) for baby number two. They make everything easier, and chances are you'll go through about four a day.

Never did I ever think I'd get such a thrill from sucking out a particularly big booger, but I now spend a good portion of my time occupied with my child's booger situation. This Fridababy Baby Snotsucker ($20) is ideal for when you need to quickly suck out a snot bomb during a diaper change.

Blackout shades are really important when it comes to a healthy sleep schedule, but investing in custom shades can get expensive. I plan on adhering this Paper Shade ($6) behind the curtains I already have. It'll cancel out all the light and get the job done while saving you hundreds of dollars.

This tip came from another mom friend, and I love it so much. She suggested displaying a bowl full of extra pacifiers ($16) so you don't have to go feeling for a lost paci in the dark. If you only knew how many times I almost poked my son in the eye while tracking down a rogue pacifier, you'd understand what a golden solution this is.