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2022-09-23 22:36:02 By : Ms. Sunny Xu

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Republican Nominee for Governor and Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt announced his plan on Tuesday, Sept. 6, to eliminate the sales tax on diapers and feminine hygiene.

Schmidt says that if he was elected for Kansas governor, he intends to dispose of the sales tax on those items during his first 100 days as Governor. Schmidt further explained that the decision to launch this plan was because of inflation.

“Joe Biden’s inflation is hurting everyone, and the truth is Laura Kelly keeps making daily life less affordable for Kansans,” Schmidt said. “Other governors in our region, both Democrat and Republican, have stepped up and made this a priority to provide relief to young women, mothers, and families. Kansas ought to be making their daily life more affordable too. That is what our plan will do.”

Following Schmidt’s announcement, House Democratic Leader Tom Sawyer responded saying:

“I am glad to see Derek Schmidt got behind the House Democrats’ plan to eliminate the sales tax on hygiene products. Considering it was Republican leadership who killed the bill in committee only a few months ago, I hope his support of this policy encourages our colleagues to rethink their strategy in the upcoming session and pass a clean bill without political obstruction. It is disappointing that tax relief continues to be used as a tool for votes. Schmidt inauthentically timed his support for the bill based on partisan calculations, not benefit to Kansans. Looking back to January, I remember Schmidt’s silence on this issue when Rep. Vic Miller introduced the Democrats’ bill for elimination of sales tax on hygiene products. His sudden support is not about helping Kansans; it is about scoring political points in November. But tax relief is tax relief, and I look forward to bipartisan passage of this bill in the spring.”

The Republican Nominee for Lieutenant Governor and Schmidt’s running mate, Katie Sawyer, said that this proposal is a way to give families relief from the cost of essential items.

“This is tax policy that will not only provide some necessary relief to Kansas families who need it right now, but it’s also based in fairness and common sense,” Republican Nominee for Lieutenant Governor Katie Sawyer said. “We already exempt everyday items such as prescription drugs and eyeglasses. Diapers and feminine hygiene products are just as essential. This plan is pro-women, pro-mothers and pro-family.”

According to Schmidt, this is the second tax relief proposal he has offered in his campaign as governor. Back in June, Schmidt said he proposed the Retire Tax Free plan, which plans to eliminate the Kansas income tax on Social Security benefits, pensions, and distributions from retirement accounts such as 401K’s.

Kansas Attorney General and Republican Governor hopeful Derek Schmidt hopes to keep retirees in the state with a new plan to completely eliminate the state’s tax on retirement benefits.

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