Parma barbershop collects items for those dealing with flooding in Kentucky

2022-08-08 03:14:18 By : Ms. jing shang

PARMA, Ohio  — Just one week after deadly flooding destroyed homes, businesses and roads, those in eastern Kentucky are now bracing for even more rain.

Here in Northeast Ohio, the items are quickly piling up inside Mario’s Barber Shop in Parma, as Mario Innocenzi plans a trip to drop off donated items to those in need.

“These people have absolutely nothing; they need tents, they need sleeping bags, they need generators and they need our help,” he said.

Innocenzi told News 5 a team of ten will make the trip down as soon as next weekend with a truck filled with everything from diapers to clothes, to water and cleaning supplies. He said he’s been fundraising after natural disasters since 2015.

“No one has even been there yet, so that’s where we’re going to concentrate on getting our stuff to: Jackson, which is outside Hazard, Kentucky,” he explained.

President Biden is scheduled to visit the region on Monday where he will meet with families and get a first hand look at recovery efforts.

“These people have absolutely nothing, they need tents, they need sleeping bags, they need generators, they need our help,” Innocenzi added.

Those interested are encouraged to drop off items at the barber shop, which is located at 7526 Broadview Road in Parma.

According to Innocenzi, they are hoping for donations of the following items:

“They’re our neighbors, they’re Americans,” Innocenzi said. “If we don’t help each other, who is going to help us?”