2022-09-23 22:28:03 By : Mr. jack peng

In my former life, before the radio personality became my career, I was a teacher of theatre. I miss teaching so much. I loved watching the kids discover gifts and talents they never realized they had. It was also very rewarding to be able to comfort them and work to make them feel better when they needed someone to listen to them or a shoulder to cry on.

I worked every day to give them an experience that might replace anything bad going on in their lives. Teachers do that every day. They not only teach kids academics, but they also teach them about life.

Tyler Watts teaches 2nd grade at Letcher Elementary School in Whitesburg, KY. He is also known to many in his community and on social media as the Post-It Picasso. On Facebook, he has added that title to his name.

Tyler has been making magnificent Post-It murals for years, but this year, they were needed more than ever. Due to the devastating flooding in his community, he's working hard to make his students, their families, neighbors, and the entire state of Kentucky happy with his murals in business and store windows. 

These are amazing. Take a look at his unique, creative, and wonderful murals.

Ernie is sticking out his tongue.

Bert is eyeing Cookie Monster's cookie.

I think Bert is actually smiling for once. He must love the murals, too.

Mario Brothers make everybody smile.

It's the Great Pumpkin.

The Muppets are already getting ready for Christmas.

Hello Kitty is so adorable.

The public library is decked out with Disney.

Cindy Lou and The Grinch are the perfect way to cheer everybody up.

Even the bad guys can bring smiles to faces.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorites.

Tyler is so amazing and his murals are incredible. He says that it takes 1,000 to 10,000 post-its to create each mural.

Thank you, Tyler, for making the world a better place, every day.