Diaper Drive on Aug. 6 to support Racine Diaper Ministry | Racine County Eye

2022-07-29 22:00:21 By : Mr. Hardy Yu

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Local businesses, Sporty Girl Accessories and Sew ‘n Save are coming together to host a diaper drive benefiting the Racine Diaper Ministry. The ministry helps to provide children in low-income families with access to diapers, free of charge. The public is invited to bring diaper donations to Sew & Save, 3701 Durand Ave., from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. on Aug. 6, 2022.

Business owner Maggie Eastman felt drawn to help local community members in need. She is the talent behind Sporty Girl Accessories, making handcrafted headbands, bags, and accessories. Therefore, Eastman frequently shops at the local fabric supply store, Sew & Save. You may have even seen her there with her pink bus. If not, you’ll get the chance to see “Polly” in all of her glory when attending the event!

The avid sewer and shopper collaborated with Jim Deibler, Sew & Save owner, to bring this event to life. When the business owner shared her idea with Deibler, he agree to sponsor the diaper drive by providing the location.

Eastman’s daughter used to work at a local daycare in town. Her work experience inspired the diaper drive event.

“She (the daughter) was telling me about how sometimes kids would show up to daycare without enough diapers or she would see kids showing up in diapers, that she’s pretty sure that they were left in (from) the day before,” Eastman shares. “She informed me, and I was not aware of this, but people that are on government assistance, do not get to use that assistance towards diapers.”

The Sporty Girl Accessories owner says, “I thought that was atrocious because that’s a bare necessity that you need when you’re raising kids.”

The thought of children being without diapers brought an uneasy feeling to this local mother.

In an effort to combat the problem, Eastman is finding a way to make a difference but needs the community’s help. At this time, the Racine Diaper Ministry is in need of diapers preferably in sizes 4 through 7. They will accept other sizes, but this is the largest need.

“Watch for upcoming sales, coupons, and diaper deals,” shares Eastman, “and be ready to stuff Jim’s truck full of diapers.”

Those making donations should note that donations will benefit Racine area residents in need. Donations for this drive will only be accepted on the day of the event at Sew ‘n Save. Donations will not be accepted at this location before or after the event. However, if you are looking to regularly make a difference, Racine Diaper Ministry is always in need.

The Diaper Ministry is open every Monday from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. at the Erie Campus of North Pointe United Methodist Church, located at 3825 Erie St. The ministry offers a variety of diaper sizes for those in need of assistance. Those looking to receive diapers should bring their child’s birth certificate, confirmation of a current address, such as a utility bill, and a photo ID.

Those looking to donate may make a monetary donation by writing checks payable to North Pointe UMC with “diapers” written in the memo. All cash donations go directly toward purchasing diapers to give to their clients. Donations of diapers can also be brought to the church to benefit the ministry. For any questions call the church office at 262-639-2441.

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